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Bring Someone You Love To Celebrate The Lynn House With Us Saturday, February 11, 2023 at 6:00pm

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There Will Be A DJ, Dancing, Auctions, And A Raffle!
Semi-Formal Attire

Single Ticket: $150.00
Table of 10: $1,350.00
Purchase Event Tickets Here

Interested In Volunteering or Donating To The Event? Please Contact:
Melissa A.
(949) 560-2406 or
Noel K.
(949) 463-6635

Welcome to The Lynn House


It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been 

Walking into The Lynn House for the first time takes courage and commitment.

Once inside a woman can begin the process of restoring herself -- physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and professionally as she starts building the foundation for her new life.

We are not just a place to stay; we are a community within a community.

The Lynn House is a working house with a family environment.  all of the cooking and cleaning is done by the residents themselves.  

Women may stay at The Lynn House FREE for the first thirty days and reside up to an additional  six months for a nominal fee.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Residents share a strong commitment to independence and are given the opportunity to become productive while living in a drug and alcohol free environment.  With assistance and encouragement, our women search for employment while accessing supportive services so they can establish a lifestyle that includes healthy boundaries.

As a result of this healing and freeing experience, many residents report they have been able to take part in life again by themselves, but not alone!


Over 5000 bed nights of shelter and 15,000 meals are provided to impoverished women each year.

An Alcohol and Drug Free Shelter For Women

The Lynn House Structure

How It Works

How It Works

A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

The Lynn House is a working house with a family environment.  All of the cooking and cleaning is done by the residents themselves.


A woman entering The Lynn House is accepted fully, and enveloped with love and support from the volunteers and other residents.  Upon arrival, she is expected to follow the rules of the house and conduct herself in a manner that is conducive to the safe and healing environment that The Lynn House provides.

During her stay, a woman can begin to restore herself physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.  Subsequently, she is able to pass on these restorative qualities to the next woman in need who enters the doors of the house.  In this manner, The Lynn House is able to build a foundation for these women as well as a community within a community.


Within a period of time, and with the help and support of her fellow residents, a woman can begin to search for a job and plan ways to become self-sufficient outside the boundaries of the house.  Her fellow residents, along with our female volunteers, are able to share with her their experience, strength and hope.  With this type of assistance and encouragement, she is able to become familiar with additional supportive environments in the community that will help her maintain her growth.




Kacie...The Lynn House is a safe and nurturing home.  From the day I arrived, when I had nothing and no where to go, to years later with sobriety.  The Lynn House was the stepping stone where my spiritual journey began.  Because of this house, I am a sober mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend today.  I am forever grateful for the happy, joyous, and free life that The Lynn House has given me.

Haley...Before going to They Lynn House at age 24, I was hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol.  I had lost all of my friends, my family, abandoned my daughter, and I was homeless.  I was living on the streets and doing things I thought I would never do. I had no idea what it meant to live life, be a friend, or to care about anyone other than myself. I had relapsed more times than I could count, was unemployable, and had been in and out of 12 different programs trying to get and stay sober. I had lost all hope.

     When I decided to get help one more time I didn’t really want to be sober, I Just wanted my daughter to have her mom back. The Lynn House taught me how to care again. I learned how to be one of many, how to take responsibility for myself and my actions, how to be a woman with dignity and grace, and how to be a mother. Today I am a productive member of society, a mother to my daughter, we have our own apartment, and I am actively involved in the lives of my family and friends. Where there hopelessness, the Lynn House brought hope. I recommend the Lynn House 1000x over forever and ever. Thank you Lynn House!

Cristiane...My name is Cristiane and I am 37 years old.  I have been using drugs and alcohol since the 8th grade or even before.  During my 20's and early 30's, I had problems with cocaine abuse and had to stop it. I then substituted with alcohol and marijuana.  About two and a half years ago I started smoking rock cocaine and eve since then my disease progressed rapidly.  Within the last 14 months, I have been to two detox facilities and one rehab, relapsing shortly after each of them.  During one of those instances someone told me about The Lynn House and i called and had a wonderful impression by the kindness I was treated with over the phone.  I didn't come in because I wasn't ready to commit for 30 days.  When I was ready to put my full effort towards my recovery I came to The Lynn House and planned to stay until moving to San Francisco to live in a sober living home.

     Coming to Thy Lynn House has been the very best step yet towards saving my life.  I have been welcomed with kindness and support.  I have had the pleasure to spend time with women in recovery that have dedicated their lives to help people like me get a chance at a new life.  The discipline, organization, and fairness of the house routine has proved me personal growth and healing.  The consistency of the program within The Lynn House has fortified my connection with my Higher Power, given me hope as aI was hopeless when I got here, and finally and most importantly, helped me decide to become an active member in Alcoholics Anonymous, helping other addicts.  Hopefully forever, one day at a time.

Lanie...My name is Lanie and I'm an alcoholic.  Thanks to The Lynn House and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I have 29 days sober today.  All my life I have had symptoms of alcoholism and drug addiction.  As a child, I always felt different and "less than" everyone else.  As a teenager, i was so out of control that my parents sent me to rehab and boarding school.  That was three years prior to me even drinking or using.  I am positive that I was born an alcoholic based on my behavior as a young girl.  From 18 to my now 26 years, I have tried to find a way to feel normal with and without drugs.  When I came to The Lynn House, I immediately felt like i was exactly where I needed to be.  I could breathe.

     I got a sponsor.  I go to meetings and I am about to do my 5th step tomorrow.  I finally feel like my life is going somewhere and I have found faith in the AA program and in the women I've met at The Lynn House.  Thanks to the love and support I was given here, I have a new chance at life.  This house will forever be a safe place in my heart and I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to be here.

Mariah...Before I came to The Lynn House, I had no desire to get into a program.  I had been in other Rehabilitation Centers and didn't feel that they would get me sober.  I was maintaining (or trying to) using while being on probation.  Although I knew my using was causing problems, I was planning to move to Berkeley with my sister as soon as probation allowed.  I thought that would be my solution.  Then, pithing tow days, I got in trouble with probation and was ordered to find a program within two weeks or go to jail.  I almost chose jail.  Then my mom found The Lynn House.  I did the phone interview and was told to call back the next day at 9:00am.  I honestly didn't think I'd get in.  Then the next morning I was on my way.  I couldn't believe I was getting a place for free two days after being told by the courts to find one.  I was even more surprised when I walked into The Lynn House.  It was beautiful, not what I was expecting at all.  I was terrified, especially when my mom left and 30 days seemed like a life time.  But, I joined the girls in their meeting and after it was over they all welcomed me and began treating me like I had been here with them the whole time.  The ease with which I became comfortable at this house still amazes me.

     Over my stay, I have realized how lucky I am to have found this place, where I feel safe, loved, and grateful to be sober.  The Lynn House is a magical, spiritual place to me because it has brought  me more peace and the desire to be sober than I thought would be possible when entering a place with so much unwillingness.  The amount of love and respect I have for every woman I've met during my stay here is something I never thought I'd have.  I feel so lucky to have been brought  to The Lynn House by my Higher Power.

Toni...My name is Toni.  I have been struggling with my alcoholism and have been in and out of AA for over 20 years.  I've been through 2 hospital treatment programs and this is my 4th time at being in a sober living environment type house.  The first home I was in I had a major panic attack and left after 5 hours.  The second one I went to I left after two days. At the third one I managed to stay 16 days, but I was miserable and wanted to leave on the first day.  The Lynn House is my 4th house, but the first one I have called home.  I have been here for only 6 days but have not wanted to leave.  This is the first home I wanted to stay at.  I am learning to be grateful and comfortable in my own skin.  Thank you to The Lynn House for giving me new hope and a chance for new beginnings.

Lola...This house being here gave me a chance to start over.  I've learned about who I amend what my purpose is.  It's not all about me today, it's about us.  I want to be a good example.  I would also like to one day be able to give back.  I would like to take the girls on a walk or volunteer.  I know how important that is now.  I can be done from point bro.  I had absolutely NOTHING.  I tore up my car, I was homeless and helpless. My family was embarrassed of me, and my friends were turning into enemies - they hated what I had become.  Because of this house and the program, I have 5 1/2 months of quality sobriety.  I have a job and my boss calls me dependable. They expect to see me at work and they're happy to see me every day.  I'm responsible today.  I own a bike with a gazillion speeds.  I am a willing participant in my recovery.  I have a sponsor who has a sponsor. My family respects me again.  People say they are proud of me.  I'm a miracle and i get to watch other miracles every day right before my eyes.

     I can help someone today.  My heart feels concern for others.  I laugh today - I cry today - I fell - I pray.  I read with the girls at least one everyday for now.  On November 13th, I was the first person to call my daughter an tell her Happy 21st Birthday.  She told me She was proud of me.  She in her last year of college, taking care of her 13 year old sister for me cause I messed up.  She proud of me.  Now on this day I won't drink and for that I am grateful.

Paula...The Lynn House is a place of peace and recovery.  It has been life changing experience for me these past 30 days.  What a place of hope and health.  It is a beautiful environment that I have really enjoyed.  I plan to come back and volunteer on Mondays to give back to the house.  I have really enjoyed the fellowship that i have experienced.

Suzette...I often think of The Lynn House as a new way of life one day at a time.

Brenda...The Lynn House has given me hope and a chance for a happy, healthy life.  It has been a complete blessing.  My 30 days are up soon and I'm going to be sad to leave.  I will be back to volunteer and to be of service to the next women that are fortunate to walk through these doors.  You have a well organized home here with loving and caring women.  The Lynn House has made a difference in my life and countless others.

Kylie...Before we were sober, no nice thing like this house had ever happened.  I makes me feel so grateful to be here because now I have so many friends who care about me and everyone else in the house because we all share something in common.  I now have hope for my future that amazing things, like a brand new refrigerator, count, and barbecue being given to the house out of love, will continue to happen.  I want to learn all I can out of this house and program so I can eventually give back to other women.

     It's amazing how much more I appreciate things, like a roof over my head, more than I ever did while drinking and using.  I am so fortunate to have this opportunity and such a beautiful home to get sober in.  I now wake up to a beautiful home with beautiful stuff and around beautiful people everyday because I am sober and because wonderful people are in AA and in my life.  It gives me a purpose and a feeling of meaning while I'm working, knowing I have such an amazing home and new family to go.  And, I am paying my own way for the first time.  I can't express my gratitude enough for all the amazing things done for me and every girls who walks through the door.  I look up to everyone who has given back as women I'd like to eventually bend am hopefully going to become because of the gifts I've received.

Kelsey...I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to get clean and start a new chapter of my life in such a beautiful house and such a safe loving environment.  Without this house I would be dead or in jail, and I'm sure of that.  this house has taught me how to take care of myself, how to be responsible, how to be a friend, how to be a daughter/girlfirend/sister, to be grateful and appreciate the things that I have. But most importantly, this house has given back to me the desire to live. I remember what it's like to laugh and have fun again.  For that I am forever grateful.

Stephanie...For the past year I have lived in an alcoholic hell.  I had no where to go.  My husband of 25 years kicked me out of my home and my sister(who took me on) had her fill of my drinking too.  It was with absolute desperation that I came here to The Lynn House.  I have no job -- lost that this past year due to drinking, no home of my own, and no way to pay for my recovery.  I was drinking myself to death.  Thanks to The Lynn House, my chance of recovery is greatly increased, my son will get his Mom back and I will have hope for a healthy future.

Ashely...Since I walked in the doors of The Lynn House 20 days ago, I have received so much love and support from all of the women that come in and volunteer here, not to mention a warm be to sleep in, great food, walks through the park and many amazing meetings.  I have never felt so hopeful in sobriety.  Thank you for making my recovery possible.  I love The Lynn House.

Sandy...My name is Sandy and I am an alcoholic.  This is the story of my journey to sobriety.  My sobriety date is July 11, 2008. That day I entered into the loving and open arms of The Lynn House residents. The day prior I awoke alone with 5 empty wine bottles in the font of me. My bed was the ground I lay upon, hidden behind some bushes in a local park.  Homeless, scared, tired, hungry, and lucky to be alive.  I spent the day watching children play and praying to God for answers to my pitiful "Why?'s".  On the morning of July 11, god sent me an angel in the form of a very dear friend who simply asked me, "Are you done yet?".  Having no clue what I was answering "Yes" to, I was whisked away to The Lynn House and my journey began.  Walking through those doors was my earthly "Pearly Gates".  i was a mess. I had been homeless for several months, was confined to a walked, had the clothes on my back and a few belongings, and weighed a mere 97lbs in my 5'6" frame.  The main concern for the Operation's Manager was if I would be able to navigate up the stairs to my room due to my walker.  Apparently, in no uncertain words, I replied I would crawl if I had to. I met my sponsor my very first day and was given an insightful "Blue Book" which would later become my encyclopedia of sobriety.  For the next 10 months(7 1/2 of which I was honored with being a Senior Resident) I followed the rules of the house, did exactly what my sponsor instructed, attended meetings and learned the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and Principles of the AA program.  I was instructed on how to re-think my life and priorities, strengthened my faith in my higher power, remain humble, stay in gratitude and be of service.  In a nutshell, I suited up, showed up, sat down, shut up and listened, no questions asked.  I was willing to do all it took to achieve sobriety and remain sober.

     Today I am a happy healthy sober woman blessed with many gifts.  I no longer required my walker after 3 weeks in The Lynn House and only require the use of my cane very rarely.  My 5'6" frame now supports 116lbs of me.  I live in my own apartment in a safe and awesome community and am gainfully employed for the past 2 years at a job that entrusts me with many challenges.  Roommates from The Lynn House, whom I never would have imagined as such, are now my closest friends, as are many of the volunteers, one of whom is my dearest and treasured confidant.  These are friends that have seen me through, when others thought I was through.

     I have reconstructed the broken and burnt bridges with my family.  My mother, my rock, never gave up on me.  I have renewed the most important values of my family, trust and honesty.  My son, whoo believed in me, but had his doubts, now speaks openly with me and shares about his life.  I am also in a committed, healthy relationship, sharing mutual respect and love with someone who also supports me in my program 100%.  I begin and end each day praising God for all of my many, many gifts and blessings, the utmost of which is the program of AA; my wonderful and loving Lynn House family, and my journey of sobriety.  I now live that beautiful life with its highs and lows, without my addiction to alcohol and away from that first drink.  for those who are new to the program of AA and/or The Lynn House, I say this, you may have been living like you will die tomorrow, however if you listen and learn like you will live forever, the promises of AA will come true.

Lana...Before I got a bed at The Lynn House, i was homeless with only my car.  I was in my disease of drugs and alcohol.  I was not welcome in anyone's home(including my own family's). I was and am completely powerless over this disease of alcoholism. I found out about The Lynn House through friends and family.  I called and did a phone interview  and was blessed with a bed the next day.  I was very scared but at the same time very thankful.  All the girls and volunteers were very loving, caring, and welcoming from the minute I walked through the front door.  The Lynn House has helped me build a solid foundation and fellowship in AA to have a life.  The Lynn House has given me hope and strength to have a life beyond my wildest dreams.  i will continue to be of service to the girls at The Lynn House.

Debra...The Lynn House saved my life.  They took me in when I was homeless and had nothing and no one left. I felt like my life was over.  They helped me get my life back.  Today I have wonderful relationships with my sons.  I am slowly getting back all the things I have lost.  I have respect for myself today.  I feel like I have a whole new life to look forward to and I am so grateful.

Nadine...The day I walked through the doors of The Lynn House I knew I was going to be okay.  that was April 19th, 2006.  My love for this house is always in my heart. I have stayed sober because of what I have learned from The Lynn House.  Being sober is truly a "Class Act" and I love that.

Liza...On Thursday, July 29, 2007, I was done.  I sat lost in Oakland, CA with a dollar in my pocket, an empty gas tank, no phone, and a nail in my back tire.  I borrowed enough money to buy gas to Orange County, prayed that my slow flat would be VERY SLOW, and turned my tires southward.  I pulled over on I-5, just before the 17th St exit, with a tremendously flat tire.  I hadn't yet reached my destination, but I was in Orange County by God.  After a few hikes up the on-ramp, calls on a borrowed phone, lug wrench turns and Patti O's spare tire - I was delivered safely to The Lynn House.  Now it is Sunday.  As I sit in donated clothes and a new pair of shoes, rippling hot coffee - I wonder what the road ahead looks like.  All I know is that The Lynn House is a key spiritual, sober stop on the journey and that I am not in the driver's seat.

Stephanie...I was 14 years old and because of my alcoholism and drug addition my parents kicked me out of their home and I began living on the streets, not really caring as long as I had  my drug and my drink. People did try to help me, but I wasn't ready to stop.  My family couldn't understand, you see I was raised in a loving upper middle class family in northern California.  In fact, i couldn't understand it either, but that's what happens when you are an addict.

     But what I want to talk about is recovery.  Maybe it was...what do they say?  "A moment of clarity".  However I think it was a miracle.  I got sober and I was 500 miles from home getting a foundation of sobriety in Orange County.  To be honest, I was afraid to go back home.  I didn't want to "run with old playmates".  so I prayed about it and with the help of my loving sponsor, I was guided to The Lynn House.   I don't want to sound like one of the people that I couldn't stand in know, the ones that said they felt "at home" when they walked into whatever 12-Step program they were in, but when I walked into The Lynn House, I DID feel at home.  I stayed in The Lynn House for several months.  I'm connected to a 12-step program, I have a sobriety date, a new job, and my family wants me back.  Now, at 19, I know that I do have a future.  All I can say is that I am grateful and I thank you. 

Need Help?

Need Help?

Do You Or Someone You Know Need Help?

We welcome any destitute woman struggling with alcohol and drugs that meet the following simple criteria

  1. Has been alcohol and drug free for 12-24 hours.

  2. Has not been through The Lynn House in the past year or three other times within her life.

  3. Is not taking any mind altering medications or is able to get a doctor’s letter stating it is safe to go off of these medications.

  4. Is able to commit to at least a 30 day stay.

  5. Is not a registered sex offender.

  6. Is willing to follow the rules of the house


If you meet these criteria and want help you may come to The Lynn House for 30 days free of charge.  We will welcome you into our safe and healing environment.  Our beds are available on a first come, first serve basis.  


The first step is to make that phone call (714) 438-0110.


Keep calling until a bed is available!



Volunteers Are Our Most Valuable Asset

The Lynn House is run almost entirely by volunteers.  Sober recovering women volunteers come into the house daily.  The Lynn House accepts no federal or state funding and relies 100% on voluntary contributions, whether that be in the form of money, supplies or services.  If you are interested in volunteering please call (714) 438-0110 and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator.

Why Get Involved:

  1. *You are given an opportunity to share your experience, strength and hope to vulnerable, frightened, and destitute women.

  2. *You will meet fabulous women involved in the recovering community.

  3. *You will enjoy the amazing community that is The Lynn House.

  4. *You can bring your skills and talents and share them with the women at the house.


Who Can Volunteer?

Any recovering woman over the age of 18 is welcome to volunteer at The Lynn House.  Volunteers serve is a variety of ways.  Some of these include taking a shift at the house, driving women to meetings or helping deliver food from the Food Bank, Second Harvest or Costco.

If you are interested in Volunteering we invite you to visit the house and see who we are.  You may call (714)438-0110 and ask for assistance.  

Once you decide you would like to volunteer we have a structured orientation program to assist you.

Needs List

Needs List

The Lynn House relies solely on donations.  Running a home requires ongoing supplies. The women who come to our house have very little and we provide them with some of their basic needs. 


We appreciate any help you can give us.



  •     Bus Passes

  •     Paper Products (Toilet Paper, Paper Towels)

  •     Feminine Products (Tampons, Sanitary Napkins)

  •     Toiletries (Razors, Soap, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Combs, Brushes        etc...)

  •     Socks and Underwear

  •     Notebooks to be used as Journals

  •     Dish Soap and Laundry Detergent

  •     Household Cleaning Supplies

  •     Trash Bags 



Thank You For Your Gift From The Heart!

The doors to The Lynn House are open only because of the generosity of our donors.  Please know that all of your help goes directly to providing a healing environment for the women who come through our doors.   With the exception of one administrative staff position, every one involved with The Lynn House gives freely of their time and resources.


Your GIFT FROM THE HEART helps us in some of the following ways:

$50 - Supports one woman for one day.

$100 - Feeds 15 women for 3 days.

$250 - Supports five women for one day.

$500 - Pays for transportation for one month.

$1000 - Provides food for one month.

$5000 - Helps us breathe a lot easier.

$10,000 - Provides us with a huge sigh of relief!!!


All Contributions are 100% Tax Deductible

Federal Tax ID # 20-1315134

Donations can be made by credit card through PayPal, Venmo, or by sending a check to:

California Women’s Recovery, Inc

The Lynn House

1590 Adams Ave. #4127

Costa Mesa, CA 92628

In Gratitude to Our Major Donors

Major Donors



Disney VoluntEars


Franklin Templeton




Orange County Coummunity Foundation


The McMillen Family Foundation


Landmark Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Grant McNiff - Board Chairman


Kay Doran - Board Treasurer

Supply Chain Professional - Former Resident

Chelsi Smith - Board Secretary

Student at Orange Coast Community College

Mel Villigan

Treatment Technician - Former Resident

Melissa Alvarado

Licensed Esthetician

David Honor

Administrator at Safer Air

Gay Storm


Haley Schechter

Accounting Service Generalist - Former Resident

Megan Jackson

LVN - Former Resident

Board Advisors

Kacie Shields

Operations Manager - Former Resident

Ashley Fox

MAPsyc AMFT - Former Resident

Masters in Clinical Psychology - Emphasis on Marriage & Family Therapy

Katelynn Gayne


Marcia Ellsworth

Retired Attorney

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Listed below are a variety of resources you or your loved one may find helpful:



  1. Ashland Home - Ashland Home is a no cost, non-medical alcohol detox home for women.

  2. Rescue Mission - The Orange County Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization that accepts homeless men, women, and children.

  3. Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter - Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter is a family emergency shelter in Orange County.

  4. Home Aid Orange County - Home Aid Orange County has shelters for those in Orange County who find themselves homeless.

  5. Laura’s House - Laura's House is a comprehensive domestic violence agency in south Orange County.

  6. Friendship Shelter - Friendship Shelter assists homeless adults.

  7. Treehouse — Telecare - (Total Recovery Enriching Experience)  - Orange County Crisis Residential Program.  It is a safe environment for individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis and need additional support to avoid hospitalization, stabilize symptoms and return to their previous level of functioning.

  8. SPIN - Serving People In Need - Assists low-income and homeless people with financial assistance for housing costs and other services.

  9. Sober Homes - Action Alliances Sober Living... - The Action Alliance Sober Living Program is based upon the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous 12 Step Program of Recovery. Although we offer referrals to detoxification facilities, we do not offer detoxification services. 

  10. 2-1-1 - Orange County call center that offers comprehensive information and referral resources for people seeking help with addiction recovery and mental health issues.



Each year, The Lynn House takes phone calls from women currently struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse.  Their goal is to get a free bed for 30 days with an option to continue on for 6 more months for a nominal fee.

Over the last two years, we turn away almost eight times the number of women we are able to help.  Many of these women called several times - the best we could do is suggest alternative places, most of which are not free.

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